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Compelling content is the foundation to all we do at Times Media. We strive to present information that our audience wants. We are passionate about presenting our audience, every day Australians, business leaders, creatives and influencers, with the very best in digital and video content. Our dedication to our audience experience extends across Times Media's iconic brands.

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We will be a premier publishing and media organisation as a result of our commitment to creating superior and innovative content, while upholding journalistic excellence.

About Times Media    

Times Media is a leading Australian media and information services business whose unique, relevant and timely content, attracts a passionate audience. By producing content across a wide spectrum of interests, our premium brands such as Men.com.au, Times Media maintains a loyal audience and attracts a steady flow of new visitors.


We partner with journalists, influencers and public relations professionals to supplement our internal news gathering teams.  We welcome story ideas and news tips.